• Daily Log: 001

    Log / / Mark Serrano

    • Went to a breakfast/meeting
    • Introduced myself to the startup village community
    • I added two new IP Addresses to MixtapeMonkey.com, allowing it to be compatible with IPv6.
    • I added social networking buttons on the header of MixtapeMonkey.com
    • Worked out ideas for labeling genres and tagging them better
    • Went to an album release party

  • 4 Tastefully Trashy Music Videos

    Music / / Mark Serrano

    This is a list of some of my favorite tastefully trashy music videos I've come across recently. This list consists of music videos that use crude effects, low quality filters, and gives you that feeling of waking up from a night of drinking and eating chicken wings with your homies. These artists somehow gave us this grimy feeling but in the best way possible. These videos are in no particular ...

  • How To Unfollow Everyone On Twitter [2016]

    Tutorial / / Mark Serrano

    In this video I'll show you how to unfollow everyone easily on Twitter. Check out the link below, sign in and connect to your Twitter account. Once you've logged in, everyone who does not follow you will be listed. After that you can unfollow...

  • How To Delete All Of Your Tweets At Once [2016]

    Tutorial / / Mark Serrano

    In this video I will show you how to delete all of your tweets at once. I deleted over 22K tweets in less than 30 minutes with this program. It's perfect if you want to delete old embarrassing tweets. This program only works on PC. This progr...

  • Tru Fam - PSTYLM [Cover Art]

    Work / / Mark Serrano

    tru-fam-pstylm.jpg I did this cover art for a group that goes by Tru Fam. The song is called “Please (STYLM)” if you would like to check it out. I created this using Adobe Photoshop where I mashed a bunch of different subtle filters to give the cover that dark feeling. The girl I picked off of a free stock photo website and blended her into the ...